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My name is Charlotte, I am 35 years old and I am working as a herbalist after having followed the course in 3 years of the «Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes médicinales».

After business studies and experiences as a brand manager in pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic companies, I decided at the age of 26 years old to quit and travel for 8 months around Australia.


Already aware of natural care during my childhood in Morocco, I was touched by the power of Australian nature and intrigued by the Aboriginal medicine.

Something new has opened up to me ... It was decided, I would continue my way in the world of medicinal herbs.


A long work began to determine how to live and earn a living while remaining in line with the values which are important to me: the respect for the environment and the living, the meaning and the responsibility.

It is my love for raw materials and nature that would guide me. I love plants but also their simple transformations: hydrosols, essential oils, solar infused oils (which I am making by myself) and vegetable oils are all «treasures» that amaze me with their colors, textures, smells and properties.


How to share this passion for the simples (name given to the medicinal herbs in the Midlle Ages) ?

By leading herbalism and natural cosmetics workshops and by making minimalist natural cosmetics as well as infusions with 100% French, natural and organic ingredients.


Les Simples de Charlotte were born.

certification & awards

«  Nature & Progrès » certification

2019 winner of the French regional PACA "Ecological Transition" contest

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