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The "Facial sensitive skin box" contains a moisturizing balm and a toner (toner in the morning and make-up remover in the evening) that work together for skin that suffers from tightness, redness and dryness.


My balms and toners are made in Provence and in small batches with beautiful simple ingredients: vegetable oils, herbal infused oils, beeswax, essential oils, hydrosols and that's it!

The raw materials are 100% french, natural and organic (Nature & Progrès french certification).




For more details on these two products, you can view the following Etsy links:

Facial sensitive skin balm:

Facial sensitive skin toner:




All my products are certified by the organic french label Nature & Progrès.

The formulations have been checked and approved by an independent institute.

The products are registered on the European cosmetics portal.

Facial sensitive skin box - balm and toner - italian helichryse & calendula


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